Our Journey.

In 1998, a small group of pharmacy owners led by a local visionary named Calvin LeRoux, created and developed a new approach to retail banner business. Little did they know a small meeting at a Dartmouth hotel in Nova Scotia would go on to become something beyond their wildest dreams. 

Celebrating 25 Years.

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1998 - 2005

A Different Kind of Retail Banner Group

A group, originally operating under McKesson Canada’s retail banner called ARP (Associated Retail Pharmacy) took a very different approach to deliver top notch benefits for a member owned retail banner.

Calvin LeRoux and the original Board of Directors of the new entity had a goal of reaching 40 stores within Atlantic Canada in the new program, and after just a single year, they surpassed that goal. With more stores on the horizon, they knew they had something special. By 2001, they had interest from pharmacy owners in Ontario. The PharmaChoice name was purchased, and with it, a new retail banner was born.

By the end of 2005, a group of pharmacies operating under the Price Watchers banner owned by UPE (United Pharmacist Enterprises) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan agreed to join forces and create PharmaChoice West. 

2007 - Present Day

1,000+ Pharmacies Strong

At the core of the original vision was offering choice to independent pharmacy owners and ensuring affordable healthcare for communities across the country. PharmaChoice Canada, born from that visionary approach, not only offers a voice but also provides choice to independent pharmacy owners, empowering people with the knowledge needed to take charge of their health. In 2007, with a line of high-quality, affordable health products under the name OPTION+, the company moved into new territory that would provide cost-effective alternatives to the bigger brands.

In the years since, PharmaChoice Canada has continued to stay true to the original vision, and made its mark on communities across the country, with many towns relying on their local stores to meet their healthcare needs. Calvin and the original member’s goal of 40 stores has grown to over 1,000 across the country, with PharmaChoice Canada becoming the third-largest retail banner in Canada. At the forefront of everything, PharmaChoice Canada is guided by its core value of “your choice, your voice,” continuing to drive positive change across the country.

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